SAFSC Hunger Tribunal 7th to 9th May 2015

The Peoples Tribunal on Hunger, Food Prices and Land was an idea that emerged from the Food Sovereignty Assembly of December 2014. The SAFSC aimed to use the Tribunal to achieve the following:

  • Place the food corporations and the ANC state on trial for perpetrating a crime against humanity: the hunger suffered by 14 million South Africans and the food insecurity of 46% of the population;
  • Highlight how the corporate controlled food system and capitalism in general is undermining the constitutional right to food by denying the existence of a food sovereignty alternative;
  • Enable grassroots voices to speak truth to power;
  • Provide a rallying point for mass mobilization before, during and after to expose the horrors of the South Africa food system and to peacefully confront its perpetrators with factual evidence;
  • Build the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign as a grassroots-driven campaign.
FS Assembly Report

FS Assembly Report