Climate Justice Charter

South Africa has a tradition of charterist politics. From African Claims, to the Freedom Charter and now our Constitution, which is a charter of rights, freedoms, institutions and procedures. However, in more recent times, in the context of climate crisis politics, people driven instruments as expressions of working class and popular power are also gaining a lot of significance. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth (Cochabamba Peoples Summit for Climate Justice, 2010), the Leap Manifesto in Canada, Generational Justice principles championed by school children in California to WOMIN’s mining charter etc., we need to build on this to confront the biggest challenge we face as a species. As democrats we are putting forward our demands, aspirations and alternatives to build a society that can mitigate and endure climate change.

Find below the final climate justice charter and some useful tools for understanding why we need it, and the science of climate change. 

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Climate Justice Charter

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