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The SAFSC emerges out of a need to unite organisations, social movements, small scale farmers, farmworkers and NGOs championing food sovereignty into a national platform in advancing food sovereignty strategically in South Africa. This led to the Food Sovereignty Campaign Assembly that took place in late February 2015. At this Assembly, the campaign was further developed, a programme of action agreed to and a national coordinating committee elected, representing the SEM, community organisations, agrarian, small scale farmer, environmental justice and food price sectors. The objectives of the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign are to:

  • Tackle the systemic roots of hunger
  • Advance food sovereignty alternatives from below to end hunger and sustain life
  • Provide a united platform for all sectors, movements, communities and organisations championing food sovereignty
  • Build a food sovereignty alliance led by the hungry, small scale farmers, the landless and workers.

The Assembly produced a significant amount of excitement, enthusiasm and commitment to take forward the outcomes of the Assembly and to build the campaign in South Africa.

Assembly Report

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