Peoples’ Food Sovereignty Act

Solutions to the hunger crisis in South Africa have failed us, particularly those emanating from the market or the government. It is for this reason that the South African Food Sovereignty Campaign (SAFSC) seeks to unify struggles on the ground with progressive social forces to ensure that food sovereignty is placed on the national agenda and is an alternative way forward for our food system. We are not calling for technical solutions for households to access food, but rather we are calling for the deep transformation of our food system by breaking the control of food corporations and repositioning the state to realise the Constitutional right to food, and ensure the creation of conditions and space for the emergence of food sovereignty alternatives from below. This Act, which was launched at a People’s parliament on 12 November 2016, is one way in which we seek to do this. It expresses our emancipatory desire for transformation.

Download the Act here peoples-food-sovereignty-act-2018