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South Africa has serious water inequalities. The drought made this worse and the ANC government did not respond effectively. In the midst of Covid 19, Minister Sisulu has committed to rolling out 41 000 water tanks and to prioritising the needs of water stressed communities during the lock down. With input from you we are developing a map and directory of where water stress exists in the context of the lock down. If you are experiencing water issues in your community, tell us about your experience and share your pictures with us. We will place your data on the map and update it frequently. We will escalate this information to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, the President and Disaster Management Council to demand immediate action as the lockdown unfolds. South Africa will get hotter and drier with climate change. Now is the time to win our constitutional rights to water, which have been denied for too long. #WaterForAll

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