Press release: The ANC’s Nation-building Project has failed

23 July 2021

In the wake of the worst week of our young democracy, the National Food Crisis Forum convened on 22 July to discuss the multiple challenges that threaten our country and perpetuate the hunger crisis. Widespread looting of food has also demonstrated the depth of the crisis and confirms our consistent concern that the state has underestimated the hunger crisis. We do not agree with the criminalisation of those who took food from supermarkets. The forum discussed the appalling events of the previous week which left over 276 people dead and innumerable livelihoods destroyed and the horrific black-on-black violence which is indicative of a failed nation-building project. The forum supports a full-scale investigation of the 23 killings in Phoenix. The continued racism towards South Africans of Indian descent by some political parties, is appalling and unjustifiable; police must arrest those who have been perpetuating this racism and genocidal threats. The forum noted with grave concern the failure of Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok to remove racial content and malicious lies on their platforms Read more