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Part A: Food Commons Project Details
Description Of Activities:

Skills4Life is a community based NPO who strives to build sustainable communities through education and training in various aspects of social and community life.

One of the many streams of Skills4Life is the agricultural project and it entails establishing and training communities on “veggie farming” at home using your own resources and whatever you have available to sustain your veggie garden.

Skills4Life in collaborations with a few local farmers under the guidance of Mr. Ricky Johnson which is the founder & operational director of the organisations, wishes to transform as many gardens in the greater community and to up skill local residents on developing and maintaining their very own veggie or organic gardens both Skills4Life and its team has already embarked on local veggie garden initiatives within schools grounds, churches & local households supported and enjoyed by the immediate community and the youth in particular. Mr. Ricky Johnson also utilised the time to inform and train the eager youth on other locally important community social issues.

Skills4Life Projects will thus take any opportunity to grow and develop communities for future sustainability.

The Challenge 

The communities which Skills4Life serve are predominantly on the so called ‘Cape Flats’ which is communities faced with many social ill’s such as poverty, drug abuse and unemployment to only but mention a few. Not forgetting the major impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the huge burden it has place on an already struggling community.

Skills4Life thus believe one of the many ways to support such communities would be through self- reliance and long term sustainability.

The challenge however remains the need for resources, finances and other much needed support in order for Skills4Life to reach and support as many households and communities as it possibly can.

We thus call on any organisation that is by means to support our initiative to join forces with us and support in whatever way it can to help assist us in reaching our target of developing veggie gardens at every house that houses a family on the greater Cape Flats and even beyond. We believe that through joining hands and forming partnerships we can turn communities into sustainable livelihoods.

Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa, Western Cape, South Africa