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Part A: Food Commons Project Details
Description Of Activities:

I run the garden personally.

It is a personal garden and serves me and my neighbors.

I also try to teach the neighborhood children the why and how of gardening.

I harvest enough vegetables and have cut, at least, 50% of buying vegetables. I stay in the Observatory Informal Settlement on a space of 10x10 metres area with my 5x4 metre shack on the space and an "L"-shaped garden.

I have tomatoes, potatoes, butternuts, sweet and watermelon, spinach, onions, green peppers, chillies, beans, corn, sweet potatoes.

I am diabetic, and growing my own vegetables ensures that I have a variety of them at my disposal. And the act of farming by itself helps keep me at peace and relatively stress-free.

Email Address:
414 Main Road, Western Cape, South Africa 7925