Earth day message: Advancing climate justice and food sovereignty during Covid-19

Earth Day Message

Advancing Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty During Covid-19

A Response to President Ramaphosa’s R500 billion Stimulus

22 April 2020

We celebrate Earth Day to remind us all that the more harm done to our life giving planet the more it will strike back. Disrespecting the delicate and beautiful web of life on planet earth has given us Covid-19 and the worsening climate crisis. Despite the tragic loss of life, Covid-19 has reinforced planetary awareness: we share a common problem, we have one home and one humanity. This breakthrough has not been made with the climate crisis. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic tornadoes have battered the US, wild fires are happening in parts of the Netherlands, massive flooding in Kenya, all reminding us that extreme weather climate shocks have not gone away. Yet the climate crisis, as an urgent and shared problem, which has to be dealt with now, is not part of our planetary consciousness. Read more