Covid-19: The Second Big Shock for SA: Towards a People’s Response

Climate Justice activists, championing a Climate Justice Charter for South Africa supported by children, students, faith-based communities, the media, labour unions and community organisations, met in Johannesburg from the 16-17 March to deliberate on a people’s response to the Covid-19 threat and the worsening climate crisis. We believe Covid-19 will certainly impact the working class, poor and vulnerable disproportionately. This is the same as climate injustice in which those least responsible bear the brunt. We are firm in the belief that addressing Covid-19 means also advancing climate justice. Those without water, food, housing, jobs and land, in precarious low-income employment and, who are generally vulnerable, will be the victims of Covid-19 and worsening climate shocks (floods, heatwaves, droughts, tornadoes and sea-level rise). We stand with them. Read more