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Part A: Food Commons Project Details
Description Of Activities:

Small holder Agroecology farm serving Cambrigde community in East London. We are a husband and wife working the farm full time to have temporary community youth and women as seasonal workers. The land was just acquired through Land reform; a 30 year lease agreement signed on 01 March 2020. For now, a lawn has been turned into a garden during the lockdown. We are growing spinach, beetroot, lettuce, brinjal, onion, celery, Moringa, lemon grass , cancer bush for home use and sharing of herbs to other farmers. The arable land is about 20 hectares which is not planted as it needs extensive fencing, Australian Bucks and other wild bucks roam freely, also monkeys making it difficult to plant our OPV maize, pumpkins and sweet potatoes which these animals like.

Portion 5 and 6 Hillview farm number 649 Cambridge East London Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape, South Africa 5247