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Veggie garden in autumnBroccoli ready for harvestingOnion and spinach seedlings ready for transplanting
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For a quarter of a century I’ve been growing a wide variety of vegetables on the same sweet small-nyana piece of mother earth following organic farming methods including crop-rotation, mulching, composting and more composting and planting at optimal times and have never once used chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. My garden continues to produce a range of fresh vegetables year in and year out which are shared with other families and I’m always amazed at how big the return is for the time and effort invested in the endeavour. The soil is teaming with earthworms. Having a 40% shade cloth covering the entire area of 280m2 (16.5m x 17m) helps, otherwise the hadedas would have made minced meat of them. It also helps keep the frost out during the winter months.

I have also been keeping back and sharing seed with other growers for a select number of crops, including runner beans, broad or fava beans, garlic, marrows and squashes for over two decades. We have a venue for meetings and training sessions which can comfortably host 20 people or more.

87 Heine Road, Lombardy East, Johannesburg, South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa