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Part A: Food Commons Project Details
Type Of Project:
Description Of Activities:

Home garden project, 10 hens for eggs, 3.5mx3m wicking bed as main producer, plus another 5 1mx1m beds. Mainly heirloom seeds. First summer season produced:

9 different beans, sorghum, strawberry mielies, 3 different tomatoes, 3 different carrots, wild arugula, cucumber, oregano, parsley, basil, dania, chillies, sundews, sunflowers, pumpkin. Maybe 5 or 6 kg produce.

Winter season in the ground now:

Tsenza, 3 different carrots, 2 different peas, garlic, 3 different swiss chard, kale, 2 different lettuce, dania, beetroot, spring onion, peanuts, arugula.

Busy with soil improvement via wormery and mulching.

Eat the food between 6 people, no surplus at the moment.

Email Address:
55 Hope Road, Gauteng, South Africa 2192