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Backyard food garden at my home in Douglasdale

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Sweet potato bedNew root veges transplantedTrench bed dug outFilled bed with orgnic compost
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I have thirteen cordoned off beds in my backyard.  I am using the trench gardening method.  Last summer my production was a good crop of tomatoes, peppers, chillies, spinach and lettuce. This was mainly for home use with limited distribution to family and friends.  I'd estimate the yield to be around fifty kg in total for the season.

I am currently preparing more beds and sowing seeds to transplant the following seedlings:  mixed lettuce, Swiss chard, several root vegetables, and green peas.  In terms of herbs I have corriander and fenugreek seeds.  I also want to get the other popular herbs in soon.

I do this by myself as a hobby, with assistance from my Gardner who comes in once a week.

Email Address:
19 Condor Road, Douglasdale, Sandton, South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa 2191