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Food Sovereignty is a Right! No to Hunger! Yes to Dignity!
We can only end hunger and feed South Africa through Food Sovereignty
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Food Sovereignty
We came together at the Assembly through our shared understanding that we have a crisis-ridden corporate and globalised food system that is responsible for worsening social, health and climate challenges, and which is coinciding with increasing state failure in relation to regulating our food regime and ensuring much needed agrarian transformation. Climate shocks are already impacting negatively on our food system with volatile food prices, droughts, heavy rainfall and flooding. This necessitates advancing food sovereignty to ensure our food and water needs are not compromised and ordinary citizens have the means to meet food production and consumption needs on their terms in the midst of the climate crisis.

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2 weeks ago

Comrades, working in the Food Sovereignty space, we know all too well how important it is that these projects are people led. In this spirit, please donate to the building of a Wits Food Sovereignty Centre! This space will allow students to have control of growing, cooking and eating their own food. This is just one step in the long journey to Food Sovereignty, please share this with your networks to help make this happen.

To donate, please follow this link: candystick.co.za/c/wits-food-sovereignty-centre/
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